Posted on Jan 21, 2017

I usually hate writing, but this movie moved me so much i decided to spread the word. Let me make something perfectly clear right from the start. Amelie is not a comedy. Amelie is not a romance movie. Amelie is nothing less than a work of fine art! Amelie is certainly not a romantic comedy and if you set out to judge it by these standards you are apt to be disappointed. Also bear in mind that like a classical symphony, it must be experienced several times before this wonderful movie can be fully appreciated.

I first heard the word, “Amelie” from a friend, “Well”, I thought, “any girl named Amelie is worth checking out”. Then when I saw the teaser on TV I thought; “Any movie that features a black-haired, doe-eyed pixie and an animated pig-lamp must be worth seeing”.

I expected a light entertainment, a bit-o-fluff romantic comedy, and thats exactly what I saw. But deep in my soul I began to sense something else. So I watched it again and a whole new world began to reveal itself. then somewhere around the fourth viewing it hit me; This is cinematic magic! A symphonic dream of light, sound and love brought to life for all to see. Yes, it took five viewings before it got through my hard shell of cynicism. I am so glad it did!

Amelie lives in a beautiful fantasy world where streets are clean and uncongested. A world where waitresses and store clerks find happiness and love. Where bad guys get there comeuppance and not a single drop of blood is spilled. For anyone who grew up lonely, got picked on but never picked for the team, this movie tells your story. The entire film is populated with also-rans. Lame bartenders, failed writers, hypochondriacs. People like we meet everyday in the grim, soul crushing, ultraviolet stained world of reality. But these lucky souls live in a beautiful, green and orange colored world where hope still lives and dreams still come true.

After a long, hard, day at work, when I’ve dodged all the angry and bitter people on the freeway and performed all the daily chores that let me keep resident on earth for yet another day, then its time. I take off my shoes, relax and enter Amelie’s little world. Soon I feel the anger and depression slip away and for a while, life is worth living again.

Maybe this movie should be prescribed as therapy.

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