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Posted on May 29, 2022

When I graduated college in 2006 from WSU, I went back to Jordan and started a full-time job with a dot-com startup focused on user generated content. In the 16 years that have followed, I’ve had a series of jobs in the same field (“full-stack web development,” in today’s parlance).

I’ve worked with companies of all sizes even started few of my own. Had the pleasure to work with many interesting people and travel to many counties within this region. Ever since my first job, I’ve also always done…something else—something besides my “day job,” something that at least had the potential to bring in some extra money. I did a little contract programming at the start, but I didn’t find it appealing to just do more of what I was already doing.

In 2013 we started Startappz, a development house focused on creating world-class products for our clients. It’s been an amazing journey. Working as a CTO for many talented backend, iOS, Android, devops, database and frontend engineers i had to up my technical stack in order to be able to support all the teams and projects we are working on. We Started with a team of 3 people, 9 years later we have grown to a team of 35+ engineers working with multiple clients and projects. I’ve learned something new from each person i’ve worked with. Lots on MVNOs in this region are currently powered by our tech stack serving millions of customers.


Because of the nature of our work in the past 9 years, I had to up my technical stack and become a full stack developer. Coming from a backend development mentality, I had to adjust and learn iOS, Android, Frontend on top of daily stack (backend and devops). This opened my eyes to many cool ideas and designs presentated in these languages and frameworks.

Spring Dawning

For the past few years i’ve been thinking what’s next. I am a person who likes new challenges. Startappz now is in a better position than ever and it needs me less and less. I’ve worked extermly hard to put it in this position and I believe now is a good time to get someone else to lead.

I will be stepping down as Startappz CTO in the next few months in order to get someone else to shape the technical team and push forward.

Hence, We are looking a talented CTO lead Startappz. If you know someone that you think is qualified, please don’t hesiste to contact me moski at startzppz.com

what’s next for me? I honestly haven’t decided yet. I have few ideas that I want to implement but nothing concrete yet.

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